Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Sweet Little Joslyn turned 1!!!

Love my little Family.

ROAR!!!.....I'm One!!

-Dec. 19th-

My oh my how time flies!!! I can't believe another year has gone by. As you can see, time has whizzed by so quickly I haven't even had the time to write another blog entry since Joslyn was just a newborn! That is pretty sad. I know one thing tho, I haven't stopped taking ions of pictures. Here are just a few from Joslyn's Birthday Parties... 
Can't get enough of this cute little girl's constant grin. She has been such a joy to have apart of our family. Our little Ray of Sunshine.

Joslyn's 1st Birthday Party

- Dec. 21st-

Had a blast creating a leopard themed birthday party.

Love watching these two play together.


It was so fun having friends and family over to celebrate Joslyn's special day


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Family Pictures!

Love this picture...It looks like Roxy is just discovering her NEW baby sister and that she is here to stay! :) We took these pictures the same day we got out of the hospital just a couple of days after Joslyn was born. (The reason for the rush is cuz we were moving the next day down to Utah just before Christmas! about crazy first few weeks of Joslyn's life!)

Yup...I'm officially horrible at blogging now but I will do my best to at least update the special/Big events in our little family's lives. All has been going well for us. Jake has been liking school at the U and is doing well there. We just bought a new SUV! well NEW to us anyways...It's a 99 Lexus SUV and we absolutely love it. Of course the gas mileage could be a bit better. I have begun my intense 1/2 marathon training for my race in April. It feels good to be able to run again. Roxanne and Joslyn are both growing up so fast. I have absolutely loved having a newborn and a Toddler. It really is the best of both worlds. Well any who, I just got these pictures from Christa and I wanted to share them! I thought she did a great job! :)

Love this one with daddy
a cute one of Roxy...The only thing that kept her still was this BIG Christmas ornament :)


My sweet little 'Josee Lu'

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joslyn Luella Rose has Arrived....

Our 2nd little angel was born the Morning of December 19th at the Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, Idaho. We couldn't be happier to finally see her perfect little face and hear her 1st cry. She is beautiful just like her big sister. Jake and I feel so blessed to have two happy and healthy little girls.

Roxy and Grandma Joy meeting little Joslyn for the 1st time

Grandpa Stock was also able to make it up and meet his 4th Grandchild. It has been so sweet to see our parents as grandparents.
I knew Roxanne would be the cutest big sister. She just loves her baby sister and is always giving her kisses.

Jake and I decided to do our own little photo shoot. We turned my parents bedroom into our little photography studio. I got some fabric and flowers from a craft store. I must say we did a pretty darn good job :) Not to mention we saved some money by doing our own. We had a lot of fun taking pictures of our girls. I definitely plan on doing more 'professional' pictures like this. I wouldn't mind taking newborn pictures of my future nieces and nephews since I love it so much.

I chose the Sunflower for Joslyn's pictures to symbolize my Grandma Mary Luella Stock, who she was named after. My Grandma always loved the song "You are my Sunshine"
Roxy was having a blast taking pictures with her baby sister

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Roxy got to see Santa Tonight!!

Well that's no good...I was going to post pictures of Roxy meeting Santa for the 1st time and I guess I am out of Free storage and must start paying now...hmm what shall I do?! I don't really want to start a new blog but if that's what I have to do then maybe I will. A blog isn't cool without pictures!
I guess I can just write about our night for now. So we went to mutual today and I showed the Y.W. how to do Manicures and brought some sugar scrub for them to try. They all had a blast. Unfortunately it was my last night of mutual with them since we will be moving. I am planning on teaching one more lesson before the move but I am sure going to miss these cute girls. I have loved being in the Y.W.'s In fact it's all I've ever known. Ever since I graduated from High school, I got called right into Y.W.'s.  I am not much of a speaker but for some reason I have always felt comfortable and love giving lessons to the girls. I just feel like I can help them out and relate to them a bit more since not too long ago I was in their shoes.
After we wrapped things up. We were just about to leave the church when I overheard someone saying that Santa was in the cultural hall for another ward's Christmas party. I couldn't pass up the opportunity, so we got in line! The kids up ahead of us that were Roxy's age were crying their little eyes out cuz they were scared to death of Santa....Not my little girl tho! She sat right on Santa's lap and just stared at him. The best part was when I went to pick her up from Santa's lap after taking pictures she gave him a Big hug, it was too cute! Jake and I had tried to see Santa on Sunday night thinking that Jake's work party was on that night but we were mistaken. I guess his work party isn't till next week which we won't be able to attend so we were kind of bummed our little girl wouldn't get to see Santa. Thankfully we got to see him tonight tho! I just wish dad could have been there!
Oh good It let me load a picture after all :)
So today marks the day that I am officially FULL TERM in my pregnancy, which means this little baby can come ANY day now!! I am sure she won't be arriving until I have my scheduled C-section but I'de love if I went into labor on my own...I am crossing my fingers! Either way we will be holding this sweet little girl in our arms in just 2 more weeks!!! I can't believe it! It will be fun seeing Roxy with her little sister. It is sort of sad tho that Roxy will no longer be the baby. I can't believe how fast time has flown. Before we know it, Jake and I will be old folks!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Special Day!!


I wonder what it's like to celebrate your Birthday in heaven. Hmm... Maybe you aren't even aware of it. I do know that even when someone you love passes away that those you leave behind certainly continue to reflect and treasure the day you were born. There are a handful of people that have made a huge impact on my life. My grandma is certainly one of them. She was always such a great source of Joy and light in my life and in so many others. She always wore a smile on her face and was the most selfless person  I have ever known.Since I have become a mother, I  have loved singing the song "You are my Sunshine" to Roxy when I rock her to bed at night. That song always floods my mind with memories of my Grandma and her singing that song to me as a little girl. I know that my Grandma is in a happy place and still continues to pour down her light and love!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Answered Prayers....

Well last night was an adventure we certainly will never forget. After Jake got off work last night, we packed up the truck and trailer we borrowed from one of Jake's coworkers. It started to snow lightly just as we were getting things packed up. We didn't think it was enough to prevent us from heading down to Utah but knew we would take the drive extra slow. about 20 minutes into our drive, we remembered to say our travel prayer and within 5 minutes after that we were sliding on black ice on a bridge headed towards the guard rail that would save our lives. We spun around as we hit the rail and were facing on coming traffic. Everything happened so quickly. I frantically pulled Roxy out of her car seat and got out of the car as soon as it was clear fearing that other cars were going to slide and hit us. Thankfully we were all alright. I didn't feel any sort of harm to our unborn baby as well. We feel extremely humbled and blessed to have gone through such a scary incident together and being able to walk away scratch free. Surprisingly nothing in the trailer or truck broke. We had a handful of glass and it didn't shatter. Of course, we could care less about our things in comparison to our safety but it certainly was an added blessing. I am so grateful for the gospel and in knowing that no matter what were to happen, we would still be O.K. I am so glad that we are sealed for Eternity and no matter what crazy things happen in this life, we will always have each other.
After waiting for the police officer to come and write up a report, we were fortunate enough to still  drive the truck taking the back roads home. We got to see the beautiful Rexburg temple. I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and comfort.

My whole World
Sleeping at home, safe and sound :)

Here is a day time pic of the Trailer

The damage to the truck

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Update

I have been horrible at blogging but here is a fall family picture update!
Roxanne is 17's Crazy! She has the cutest little personality ever and is absolutely obsessed with Elmo! We even have an Elmo Halloween costume for her to wear this year!
Anyways, these pictures were actually taken knowing that it could be the last day with our dog Alba and sure enough it was.
A nice family in Idaho Falls met us in Rigby and they fell in love with Alba right away. They sympathized with us since they had to give away two of their dogs before and it is like giving away a family member. They reassured us she would be greatly loved. We know with our move back to Utah and Jake doing summer sales in California, we just couldn't keep our dog. We feel really good about the family Alba is with now and luckily our sweet little Roxy isn't phased much by it. We will miss you Alba dog!!
We are getting anxious for our 2nd little girl...Joslyn Luella to arrive via C-section on Dec. 19th. Roxy is going to be such a cute big sister.
There are many adventures ahead of us but we feel ready to move on to the next chapter in our lives and continue to further Jake's education at the University of Utah.

Life is good! :)